A Great Guide For Buying Ethiopian Opal Jewelry


Ethiopian opals are a precious type of gemstone that have an amazing color pallet to them. Australia heavily mines for them, and these pieces are very popular in the jewelry sector right now. If you plan on purchasing some, these tips can help with your selection.  Verify Authenticity  Since Ethiopian opals are so beautiful and coveted today, there are a lot of people who mimic it. Some pieces are thus not authentic.

26 March 2019

Skip The Garage Sale: How To Make More With Unwanted Belongings


Many people end up setting up a table and selling old, unwanted items during a garage sale. While that's undoubtedly a good way to clear out your home during a spring cleaning or before a move, it might not be the most profitable method of ridding yourself of everything. There are alternative methods that can net you quite a bit more money. All it takes is a bit of planning and some consideration of what it is you have to sell.

14 January 2019