Skip The Garage Sale: How To Make More With Unwanted Belongings


Many people end up setting up a table and selling old, unwanted items during a garage sale. While that's undoubtedly a good way to clear out your home during a spring cleaning or before a move, it might not be the most profitable method of ridding yourself of everything. There are alternative methods that can net you quite a bit more money. All it takes is a bit of planning and some consideration of what it is you have to sell. For instance, selling everything on the same table during a weekend garage sale isn't going to be ideal. What you need to do is take an inventory of what exactly you have, and then plan according as to how to best sell it. A piece of jewelry, for instance, should be sold in a different manner than old books or clothing. This list will give you a guide to escape the haphazard nature of the garage sale trap.

Old Gold Jewelry You No Longer Wear

This is where you really need to be cognizant of prices. You never want to sell gold jewelry right to people at a garage sale without understanding the value of what you have. What you want to do is find a location that specializes in precious metals. You want gold buyers who are professional and who will offer you the spot price of gold. The spot price is the current valuation of gold and it changes each day. If you don't go into a good location that deals in jewelry and gold, then you're be dealing with amateurs who might not have any idea as to the current value. So, gather up your gold and other jewelry (you should do the same with anything that is silver) and then head to a professional and have them handle it. Companies like Longhorn Jewelry Exchange can help.

Clothing That You No Longer Want

It used to be the case that the only way to sell clothing was to go to a thrift store or sell it at a garage sale, however now there are websites that specializes in selling clothing online. You can post your clothing (photos) online and hold auctions. People can bid on your old dress or pair of shoes, and you have the option of deciding if you want to accept the bid or if you want to reject it.

Old Books

Another classic garage sale item are used books. If you've been looking to get rid of your books for years, the  you have a few options. First, you can donate these books to a charity and get a receipt, which will work towards helping reduce your taxable income come tax time. Alternatively, you can head to a specialty used book store with your choice books (mass market paperbacks are not going to be in high demand) and see what the seller will offer you. And, of course, you can always market these books yourself online and sell them yourself piece by piece.


14 January 2019

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