How A Jewelry Appraisal Can Help Defuse A Stepmother-Related Estate Fight


You never had any problems with your stepmother until your father passed away and it was time to distribute his estate. Now, she is going wild and demanding all of the jewelry in the home. You don't think that is fair – and it's probably not – so you should get a jewelry appraisal to ensure she doesn't boss her way into getting all the jewelry. Why Stepmothers Often Cause Many Estate Fights 

12 October 2018

Who Will Get Your Jewelry?


Are you a person who likes to plan ahead? For example, do you start your Christmas shopping months before that holiday arrives? If you are an organizer, then you are more than likely already planning your own funeral and you might even be working on your will. Part of the division of your personal belongings might include the gift of your jewelry. From making a list to arranging for jewelry repair services, here are some things that might help you as you leave your jewelry behind at the time of your death.

16 July 2018

Trying To Find The Perfect Gifts For Your Loved Ones? 4 Creative And Unique Handmade Gift Ideas That Are Sure To Please


The holidays are coming up. It's time to start thinking about creative and unique gift ideas, especially if you don't want to give the same generic, mass-produced gifts this year. If you want to give gifts that take some thought and attention, you should start looking at handmade options. Giving handmade gifts to your friends and loved ones doesn't mean that you have to do the creating. In fact, there are lots of beautifully-crafted handmade gift options available from artisans all over the world.

25 October 2017

2 Ways To Get The Most For Your Money When Buying Jewelry


Buying a new piece of jewelry for yourself or a loved one can often be a very rewarding experience, but it can sometimes be a bit tricky to know if you are getting a good deal on the jewelry or if the jewelry is worth what you paid. Listed below are two ways to get the most for your money when buying jewelry. Make Sure To Bargain One of the most important things that you can do when buying a piece of jewelry is to remember that you do not necessarily have to pay the list price on the jewelry.

16 June 2017

Worried About The Economy? Here Are 3 Easy Ways To Create A Little Peace Of Mind


While there are rules and regulations in place designed to prevent another economic crisis as experienced during the Great Depression, there are never any guarantees when it comes to economic stability. If you're a bit worried about what turns the economy will take in the future, you can use the following tips and tricks to create some peace of mind. Create a Sustainability Kit In times of economic problems, it can become tough to feed yourself – the Great Depression is a testament to this.

25 May 2017

Two BIG Reasons Jewelry Is The Ideal Item To Obtain A Collateral Loan


Bills and life have you strapped for cash, so if you are like a lot of people, your first thought will be to pawn an item so you can get enough money to carry you over until payday. Pawn shop loans are a quick and seamless route to getting fast cash, and many pawn brokers will accept everything from power tools to electronics. However, it can be a better idea to obtain a collateral loan with a piece of jewelry by finding a jewelry store who offers this kind of service.

15 May 2017

Wedding Jewelry 101: Five Fascinating Facts About Moissanite


When you and your beloved are shopping for wedding jewelry together but on a tight budget, you should consider rings made with moissanite gems. While a relative newcomer on the scene when it comes to jewels, moissanite closely resembles diamonds but are kinder to your budget. If you are unfamiliar with moissanite, here are some interesting facts about the gem that you can use as conversation topics when you tell your friends and family about the type of rings you chose to celebrate your relationship.

21 June 2016