What Can You Sell To A Cash For Gold Buyer?


Gold for cash companies buy gold items from consumers and businesses. They give you an easy and fast way to turn your gold into instant money. Depending on the services they offer, these companies will buy a variety of items. What can they sell here?


Jewelry is one of the most popular items to sell to raise money. If you have some gold jewelry, then it has a cash value.

Gold for cash companies will take just about any piece of jewelry you have as long as it contains some gold. So, you could sell chains, bracelets, earrings, rings, piercing pieces, and pins. Some companies also accept gold watches. However, you should check that any watch you sell won't have a higher value elsewhere.

The beauty of selling old jewelry for cash is that the pieces don't have to be in good shape. Buyers are only interested in their gold content. They don't usually care if pieces are tangled or broken. In fact, you should include broken pieces and even small parts when you get an estimate. Buyers base their prices on the weight of your gold, so the more pieces you have, the more money you will likely make.

Gold Coins and Bullion

If you're lucky enough to own some gold bullion, ingots, or nuggets, then you can raise fast cash by selling it. Buyers are also interested in gold coins.

You don't need a large and valuable coin collection to make some money. If you've picked up a few gold coins at a sale or inherited a small collection with no real resale value, then a cash-for-gold deal could make you some useful extra money.

Gold Scrap

Many gold-for-cash companies will also buy gold scrap. The people who use this service often sell by-products of their business. However, if you can source scrap, then you can sell it too.

For example, electricians and technology companies often have some gold waste. Rather than dumping this waste, they unlock its cash value by collecting it and then selling it. A contractor or company might then sell gold solder waste or components from broken or recycled products.

Dentists can also use this service. They can sell gold dental scrap from old fillings and crowns. They sometimes produce their own scrap waste when they make these products for their patients.

To find out more about what you can sell, contact gold-for-cash companies near you.


17 November 2022

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