Tips For Successfully Purchasing A Luxury Watch


If you want to purchase a luxury watch for yourself or as a gift, then it's important you do your homework and ensure you get the best watch for your money. 

Before you pull the trigger and buy a watch, first, make sure you get some recommendations for reputable jewelers from close friends or relatives and follow each of these tips:

Tip: Understand You Don't Have to Purchase from an "Authorized Dealer"

Since luxury watches are often purchased and stored for investment purposes or only worn once for a special event, you shouldn't dismiss the idea of purchasing a previously-owned watch.

For example, if you visit a jeweler who is an authorized dealer for Chopard diamond watches, then you should expect to pay the full retail price if you purchase a watch in the Chopard diamond watch collection. However, if you opt to purchase a previously-owned Chopard watch from a reseller, then you can expect to pay below full retail price.  

If you decide to purchase a watch that is gently used, make sure you purchase from a reputable second-hand dealer with a great reputation in the industry.

Tip: Know How to Safely Make a Large Purchase Online

Whether you buy a new or used watch, if you are purchasing it online, then make sure you do so safely. 

In addition to a great reputation for online luxury watch sales, the seller must offer a liberal return policy and have a customer service phone number you can call for assistance.

When you buy the watch, make sure you use a credit card so you have some protection if something goes wrong.

Tip: The Watch's Box and Papers Matter if You Plan to Resell

If you are buying a new watch and plan to keep it as an investment to possibly resell, then you should keep the box and all of the paperwork from the sale.

The box is a great place to safely store the watch and the paperwork will prove authenticity down the line.

Tip: Always Get a Receipt with the Watch's Serial Number

Finally, a receipt with the watch's serial number from the date of purchase is an absolute requirement when you purchase a luxury watch. Just as you put the VIN on the sales contract when you buy a car, a watch's serial number is unique and your sales receipt must contain it. This is important for resale and if there are any issues in the future because it shows the specific watch you purchased.

Contact a dealer, like The Timepiece Collection, for more help.


7 July 2019

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