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If you're of Mexican heritage, you're almost certainly familiar with sugar skulls. These decorative skulls are a fixture during the annual Day of the Dead festivities, with people decorating their homes with sugar skull designs and even wearing clothing that features renderings of these skulls. If you're preparing for an event at which you want to have a few sugar skull accessories, consider a piece of jewelry. In particular, you might favor buying a silver skull ring that is designed to look like a sugar skull. You'll find all sorts of these products from jewelry retailers online, many of which will have these design elements.

Intricate Carved Designs

A lot of conventional silver skull rings have a smooth finish that gives them an eerie, realistic appearance. This won't be the case when you look at a selection of sugar skull rings. These rings pay tribute to decorative sugar skulls by having a large number of intricately carved designs over much of the surface of the skull. You'll see patterns on the forehead, cheeks, and sides of the skull, which can give this piece of jewelry a vibrant and festive look that makes you eager to wear it during a celebratory occasion.

Gold Or Colored Elements

While most standard silver skull rings only feature silver, you'll commonly find that silver sugar skull rings have additional hues. Commonly, they'll have gold-colored elements on them. For example, there might be raised, gold-colored sections around the skull's eyes. On some rings, the skull will have gold-colored teeth. If you want your ring to stand out, one or more gold elements on the skull can help in this regard. You'll occasionally find silver sugar skull rings that have additional colors beyond gold. For example, the skull's eye sockets may be colored in a bright hue.

Flowers And Crosses

Like the traditional skull rings to which they pay tribute, it's common for silver sugar skull rings to feature decorative elements, such as flowers and crosses. These decorations may be colored or may simply appear in a silver hue. Their placement can vary from ring to ring. You'll see some sugar skull rings that feature a cross on the skull's forehead or chin. Others will have clumps of flowers on the cheeks or elsewhere on the skull. The flower designs, in particular, can help to give the skull ring more of a festive appearance.

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9 June 2022

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