Tips For Selling Gold Jewelry You No Longer Want


If you have some gold jewelry sitting around and you have come to the conclusion that you no longer want any of it, you might want to think about selling it. However, you want to be cautious in doing so. This way, you will not end up without your jewelry and very little money for the effort you put into selling all of it. Here are a few tips to help you sell gold you don't want to keep:

Make Sure You Get Everything Appraised

You probably have a good idea of how much you spent over the years purchasing your gold jewelry. However, what you paid does not always equal what it is worth. Depending on the pieces of jewelry that you have, you might find that some of your gold is worth much less than you originally paid, while other pieces might have actually gone up in value a good bit. Take all of your best gold pieces to a jewelry appraiser and find out how much everything is worth. This will help you determine what you should list as a sale price for each piece.

Don't Accept Checks For Your Jewelry

You want to make sure that the payment you receive is received quickly and that you are getting exactly what you have asked for the gold. Therefore, the best method of payment to accept would be that of cash. Bank transfers can be acceptable if the seller offers this option. This is especially important if you are dealing with a large purchase and a lot of money.

Advertise Everywhere

Remember, if you are trying to sell your gold jewelry to a jewelry dealer or a pawn shop, you are going to get less than the actual value of the gold. This is because they have to turn around and sell what they bought from you and still be able to make a profit for themselves. Therefore, the best thing for you to do is to advertise online, such as through your social media pages, and sell directly to the public.

You do not need to rush the process of examining and selling your gold jewelry in order to ensure that you are not making any costly mistakes. If you are a little shy about the entire process, pick one or two pieces to sell and test the waters a little until you are comfortable with listing a lot more for sale.


11 August 2021

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