3 Reasons to Treat Yourself to Custom Jewelry


While the holidays are coming up, it's never a bad time to give yourself a gift. When you get something nice for yourself, you affirm the fact that you deserve to have nice things, which can be very powerful. Here are three excellent reasons to think about treating yourself to custom jewelry. 

1. It's Been a Tough Year

From global pandemics to challenges in the workplace, there are no shortages of issues to complain about when it comes to 2020. While it is incredibly easy to get down and depressed, you can boost your own spirits by getting something beautiful for yourself. Think about what kind of jewelry you like to wear, and invest in a nice necklace, bracelet, watch, or pair of earrings for yourself. By ordering a beautiful piece of jewelry, you can reward yourself for getting through such a difficult year. 

2. Support Local Businesses

Many jewelers are local, and it's never been more important to shop with your local community. If you are thinking about ordering custom jewelry, reach out to different jewelers in your area to ask what they can do for you. Try to select a locally owned and operated business, so anything you do spend goes back into the community. Supporting businesses in your area can help to boost tax revenue, keeping local economies healthy, and providing jobs for others. 

3. Invest in Something Different

While many people invest in stocks, bonds, treasuries, real estate, and even memorabilia collections, it is a good idea to diversify your wealth as much as possible. If you have a little extra money, think about investing in custom jewelry simply to move some of your cash into another type of asset class. Gold, silver, and platinum all retain value, as do rare gemstones and other valuables. Talk with your jeweler about what you want to invest in, and try to select a look and style that will retain its value for the long run. Think about adding a piece or two to your collection over the years to further diversify your portfolio. 

If you love the idea of custom jewelry, do your research and look for a jeweler with the experience and equipment necessary to tackle the job. Look at other pieces they have made, and set up an appointment for a consultation. By sitting down with a jeweler and chatting about your list of must-have items, you can make something truly special. 


14 October 2020

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