Sell Your Jewelry For Cash With These Steps


If you have noticed an increase in the number of businesses that offer "cash for gold," you aren't alone. These businesses have been able to help people get rid of their old jewelry to get some quick cash ā€” no loans or pawning necessary. If you are thinking about selling some of your gold for cash, there are a few things you should know. These tips help you maximize the amount of cash you receive.

Know Who to Trust

You have certainly seen "cash for gold" booths everywhere. Some gas stations even offer the service. Which of these locations can you trust? Who is going to provide you with the best price for your jewelry? Reputable buyers are those you can research with organizations like the Better Business Bureau. You should also read reviews online. You can even visit the location and ask questions in person to get a better idea of what you might receive.

Understand Where Value Comes From

The value of your jewelry is based on its weight and karat. The amount of gold in your jewelry differs because it is such a soft metal. Keep in mind that the amount of money you can be offered can change at any time. Not sure where the value is coming from? Ask questions. Reputable gold buyers are willing to answer questions about how this all works.

In order to appraise the value of your jewelry, the buyer will perform a test. They may also weigh it to check for accuracy.

You might also have questions about any precious stones contained in the jewelry you want to sell. Keep in mind that stones may not necessarily add value to the buyer because the resale value of stones differs significantly from that of gold. Plus, determining if these stones are real can add extra steps to the process. This does not apply to diamonds, which do typically have resale value. Of course, each buyer is different and it is important that you seek answers before you make any agreements.

Be Prepared to Show ID

Keep in mind that everybody who buys gold is required to ask for identification. This process helps ensure that people are not able to sell stolen property easily. Don't be alarmed if you are asked to identify yourself.

Armed with this information, you should have an easier time getting cash for gold jewelry. Finding a reputable buyer is the key.


19 February 2020

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