How A Jewelry Appraisal Can Help Defuse A Stepmother-Related Estate Fight


You never had any problems with your stepmother until your father passed away and it was time to distribute his estate. Now, she is going wild and demanding all of the jewelry in the home. You don't think that is fair – and it's probably not – so you should get a jewelry appraisal to ensure she doesn't boss her way into getting all the jewelry.

Why Stepmothers Often Cause Many Estate Fights 

Stepmothers with adult children don't have the same kind of connection to those children that the biological mother possesses. This fact is particularly true if she did little or nothing to raise the children. As a result, she may have built a strong bond with her husband in such a way that it is hard for her to understand the needs of her children.

In some cases, a stepmother gets aggressive about items like jewelry in estate distribution because she feels that she spent the most time with her husband in the waning years of his life. As a result, she honestly believes that she is owed that jewelry, a fact that can be hard for many children to swallow. In fact, it could contribute to a lengthy legal battle that makes estate distribution more difficult.

For example, your stepmother's desire for jewelry could cause lengthy estate battles for months as you try to figure out your legal rights to each item. However, you can take control of the situation by getting a jewelry appraisal and learning how much the jewelry costs. In this way, you can counter her demands and ensure that it is given out fairly.

How Jewelry Appraisal Benefits You

If your stepmother is making life very difficult for you and your family during your father's estate distribution, you should contact a jewelry appraiser right away. These professionals will take a look at the jewelry that your stepmother wants and let you know just how much it is wort. In this way, you can evenly distribute the jewelry in a way that benefits everyone.

While your stepmother may try to argue that she deserves more, you can use the appraisal as a weapon against her desire for more jewelry. For example, if she tries to sue you to get more of the jewelry, your appraisal will give the court a realistic idea of how much it is worth. They can then legally distribute it in a way that is fair to all parties.

So, if your estate distribution is getting nasty after your father died, you should talk to a professional jewelry appraiser right away. These professionals will take steps to ensure that your stepmother doesn't take more jewelry than she is owed.


12 October 2018

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