Who Will Get Your Jewelry?


Are you a person who likes to plan ahead? For example, do you start your Christmas shopping months before that holiday arrives? If you are an organizer, then you are more than likely already planning your own funeral and you might even be working on your will. Part of the division of your personal belongings might include the gift of your jewelry. From making a list to arranging for jewelry repair services, here are some things that might help you as you leave your jewelry behind at the time of your death.

Make A List - Think about getting all of your jewelry out and placing it on a table, maybe your dining room table or a folding table. Don't forget to put out every single item, including costume jewelry. After the jewelry is all laid out, write down each piece that you own. Now write down the names of those to whom you want to leave the jewelry.

Don't forget to include your diamond wedding rings which you might not have included in the pieces that you laid out. Who will get that sentimental jewelry? Perhaps it will go to your son who can then give it to his wife. Or, maybe it will go to a granddaughter that is especially close to you. Remember to keep things even when it comes to family members. For example, if the diamond rings went to your son for his wife, consider leaving your wedding pearls to another child. 

Make Jewelry Repairs - As you place each piece of jewelry on the table, think of checking it to make sure that it is in good shape. After all, you don't want to bequeath an item that has a broken clasp on it, and you more than likely don't want to leave a broken strand of pearls. Think of finding a good jewelry repair service that will fix anything from a broken clasp to restringing a strand of pearls. The workers at the jewelry repair service will have the right tools to fix even the tiniest piece of jewelry that needs repairs.

Do you have an antique watch? If so, find a jewelry repair service that has somebody who is a trained to make that watch work properly. Do you need your jewelry appraised? It might be that somebody at the jewelry repair service can do that for you. If not, the name of a reputable appraiser will probably be recommended. 


16 July 2018

Learning More About Jewelry

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