When To Hire A Professional To Repair Your Jewelry


If you have a special piece of jewelry that has become broken, you're probably considering trying to fix it yourself. Some items like rings with small jewels or expensive gold necklaces should be repaired by a professional jeweler. They have the knowledge and tools needed to make the repair properly and so your special piece of jewelry will be as good as new and give you many more years of enjoyment. Here are some situations where you should take your broken jewelry to the pros.

Problems With Prongs

If you have a stone ring and the prongs have come loose or the stone has fallen out, a professional jeweler can fix this. In some cases, they will need to replace the prongs completely because as the prongs get loose, they run the risk of snapping off entirely. The professionals know how to add new prongs to your ring that will hold your stone in place, and they can ensure that the jewel or stone will be held tightly using special tools. 

Fixing Clasps

A broken clasp on a bracelet or necklace is a common issue with jewelry. While you can attempt to repair the clasp yourself, a good jeweler will be able to repair it much more thoroughly. While you can always go to a local crafts store and purchase new jump rings, they are usually made of thin wire and will not hold up for a long time. Jewelers will actually use real gold or silver clasps and will make sure they make a repair that is a perfect match to your current piece. The jewelry repair specialist will solder the jump ring onto the necklace or bracelet, making the repair much more sturdy and secure.

Cleaning And Restoration

Perhaps you have a ring that has become discolored or tarnished over the years, and store bought jewelry cleaners just aren't working. Take your jewelry to a professional who knows how to restore your ring or necklace to its former glory. Silver is especially prone to tarnishing, and a good jeweler knows how to not only clean it but also buff it back to a beautiful shine. In some cases, your jewelry may need to be re-plated. White gold is a common victim of discoloration as the plating begins to rub off with heavy wear. A jeweler can apply a new coat of plating to the ring to restore it back to the way it looked on the day you first wore it. If you have a special piece of jewelry that needs some TLC, be sure to take it to the professionals (such as one from Imperial Fine Jewellers Ltd ring cleaning) so you know you're getting it fixed the right way.


3 March 2016

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