Why Gold Is So Valuable


Most everyone knows that gold is of some value, and anyone that has bought a gold in any form knows that it is worth a lot of money. So, why does everyone agree that gold is worth $1,240 dollars an ounce? A person can't eat gold and it and of itself does not keep a person warm at night, but there are some characteristics of gold that do make it a very precious metal. 

What Is Gold? 

Gold at the atomic level is made up of 79 protons and electrons with 118 neutrons. This means that it is a very heavy atom because it has so many neutrons. 

So, Why Is Gold Valuable?

​It turns out that gold has many different characteristics that make it extremely valuable to society besides just the fact that it is pretty.

  • Gold is extremely stable, and therefore does not rust, corrode, or become adulterated by other elements.
  • ​Gold is very malleable, meaning that it can be shaped into almost any shape that is desired. 
  • Gold is also malleable in the sense that it can be drawn into long thin strings.
  • This precious metal is one of the most dense metals. The density is of gold is approximately 19.3 g/cm^3

How Is Gold Found?

Most precious metals have to be mined, and gold for the most case is no different. Yes, there are those that pan for gold, but they do not find the metal in high enough quantity to supply the world. In order for there to be a precious metal deposit, there would have needed to be a magma intrusion or a source of extremely hot water. When a magma intrusion starts working its way through the mantle and crust it superheats any water. This water is not only hot, but has chemical properties are such that precious metals can become dissolved. When this heated water hits a crack and cools in a formation the water can precipitate precious metals and we are able to find veins of the metal. So, geologists and engineers are absolutely essential in finding this precious metal.

So, Why is Gold Valuable Again?

Gold is valuable and expensive for a few different reasons. It is valuable because the properties that it possesses. The properties make it a great metal for jewelry from places like Highglow Jewellers Ltd, art, but also for electronics. It is used for a number of amazing things. It is expensive mostly because the money that it takes to mine and recover it from the earth. 


18 September 2014

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